How to help

It is public involvement that has driven the struggle for Martine’s rights.

We will continue to encourage the general public to continue to support Martine’s and everyone else’s rights. We will try using all committed individuals who care about the matter, adding further pressure on Norwegian, Yemeni and British authorites to continue to seek a just solution. In addition, we believe that greater focus on Farouk and his family may have a positive impact on any development in the case.

By talking about the case and pass the matter on to those you know through words, you can help us fight for the fundamental need for justice. If you want to support this matter, please send us your idea by clicking here for contact form.

The Martine Foundation for Justice.

It is still seen as necessary to increase efforts to solve the murder case of the Norwegian student Martine Vik Magnussen. Now we need your help to finish the fight on a more targeted level. Many have already supported us with small and large amounts, but we still need more support, help and attention.

To make a donation, you can use the Martine Foundation for Justice’s account No. at DnB NOR ASA.

The account number is 1503 20 35024 and marked “Justice for Martine” or case number: 111825.

IBAN: EN71 1503 2035 024 SWIFT: DNBANOKK



The Martine Foundation for Justice’ aims at maintaining legal certainty for citizens who are victims of abuse and crimes, and where a suspect flees to a country without extradition treaty with the country of a crime.

The Foundation will provide financial support to relatives of victims in unsolved cases involving injustice so that the cases are not put aside or forgotten, but tried legally in a fair manner.

Support for legal assistance, as well as reward for tips leading to the arrest of serious criminals, falls in this category.

Board members and others in this foundation work free of charge – because they believe the issues are so meaningful and important. All funds raised are therefore in full used to acquire professional help to promote basic ethical and legal principles addressing this issue.

We hope you can pass this information on to everyone you know and thank you anyway for your support and attention in this matter.


All Martine’s friends and engaged individuals in the matter.