• November -08

    The Norwegian ministry of foreign affaires (MFA) takes no concrete action in the case - despite desires from the UK for such assistance.
    MFA responds by only referring to their general support for the formal British process.
    Norwegian Foreign Minister approaches the UK foregn minister on any extradition request.
  • December -08

    - CPS (UK prosecution authorities) completes extradition request and forward it to Yemen.
    - Scotland Yard is appreciative as to the private dedication and support in the case in Norway.
  • January -09

    - A Norwegian citizen claim to have met the suspect in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.
  • February -09

    - UK extradition request formally denied by Yemen reported on the Norwegian TV channel, TV 2.
    - Yemeni ambassador confirms that Yemeni legal system includes blood money in media. The ambassador impression is that the MFA only relates to what the British are doing in the case.
  • March -09

    - Finally, a formal confirmation of the extradition denial received by Norwegian and British authorities.
    - Martine's father complains about zero contribution from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry after the case was debated in the Norwegian Parliament. The foreign minister claims to have done everything possible in the case.
    - Meeting with MFA takes place on the 'way forward' in the case, but without any results. MFA promises only to tell when / if something happens in the case. Follow up e-mail from Martine's father with suggestions never replied to by MFA.
    - Martine's father writes in The Daily Telegraph / VG on the first anniversary of the murder.
    - Witness claims to have observed Farouk in Beijing, reported, but not followed up by the authorities.
  • April -09

    - Formal complaint about the Ministry's lack of initiative submitted to the Parliamentary Control Committee.
    - Foreign Minister admits in the interview not to have met Yemeni authorities in a Doha meeting while the Yemeni foreign minister claims to have met.
    - Contradictory and new statements from UD creates doubt about the meeting in Doha has taken place.
    - Yemen's Foreign Minister confirms to the media that Yemen cannot change its own law on the death penalty.
  • May -09

    - Significant media coverage of the Foreign Ministry's general lack of acting as apposed to other bilateral cases abroad.
    - Norwegian TV channel, TV2, decides to make a documentary about the Martin case and its principal aspects.
  • June -09

    - TV2 recording and travel to Yemen to interviewing key people. Gets informed that the suspect lives with his family at home in Sanaa.
    - Martine's father meets the US ambassador to Norway and the US embassy gets involved in the case.
    - Yemen's foreign minister now claims that the death penalty and trial of Yemen's is up to the family of Martine, but her family claims that any trial must be held in the UK according to the formal view of the UK.
    - Reports indicate that the suspect has ambitions to return to the United States if possible.
  • July -09

    - Complaints on lack of Norwegian actions in the Martine case formally filed with the 'committee of Foreign Affaires, by a supporter of the Martine case, Mr. A. Tollefsen.
  • August -09

    - Shooting in Norway of the documentary about the Martin case.
  • September -09

    - Martine's father interviewed on TV2 on justice as well as the contradiction between the Foreign Ministers' statements on the participations in the meeting in the Doha.
  • October -09

    - Independent Think Tank activity on the Martine case involving leading cultural, religious and political expertise in various fields relevant to the case. The think tank was held in the main Town Hall in Oslo and produced constructive discussions and insight on a 'new logic' to solve the Martine case.
    - New Facebook initiative by Martines friends get significant attention worldwide.
    - TV-2 documentary 'The search for the suspects' is released and gain significant attention.
    - Facebook group exceeds 150,000 members.
    - The UK authorities confirm that the Martin case in seen separately from international politics.
    - Meeting with British Ambassador in Oslo to progress matters following the Think Tank activity. New and specific activities planned by Martine's friends to bring justice in the case.
    - Martine's father writes an article in Aftenposten outlining the need for Norwegian authorities to act concretively in the case. The Foreign Minister writes a reply in the paper, which in turn is commented by Martine's father. The articles show the sentiments in the case, see links.

    1. Chronicle of Martine's father 20.10.10: "Justice for Martine": www.aftenposten.no/meninger/kronikker/article3328613.ece

    2. Minister responds 23.10.10: "We do not give up": www.aftenposten.no/meninger/debatt/article3335579.ece

    3. Martines father's response to the Minister 29.10.10: "We must move forward": www.aftenposten.no/meninger/debatt/article3345656.ece
  • November -09

    - 9 months without any contact with the Foreign Ministry on the case.
    - British prosecutors want public hearing on February 10, 2010.
    - The suspect is reported recently to have been present at an event / celebration in Sanaa.
    - Public engagement gets increased media attention.
    - Martine murder discussed in the Foreign Affairs Committee. According to the committee the efforts to facilitate effective international cooperation on combating serious crime is supported. It requires that the government will follow up this work (Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee 27.11.09 ).
  • December -09

    - Between 1000 and 2000 people walk in torchlight parade for Martine December 1. MFA is required to do more to get the murderer in the Martine case extradited. The demonstration gets much attention in the Norwegian and British press - over 100 British newspapers write about the protest, and it is aired worldwide.
    - Sunday Telegraph visits Oslo to follow the case. This leads to great stories in English newspapers.
    - Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre meets with the support group for Martine Vik Magnussen, who has criticized him for not doing enough to get the perpetrator convicted. Martine's friends delivers 27,000 signatures to the Foreign Minister in a meeting. The group demands that the Norwegian authorities put more political pressure to get a possible solution to the case. Adialog is opened with American authorities as the suspect also has American citizenship. The group meets two days later with officials of the Foreign Ministry who work on the case. During the meeting, it is promised from the Foreign Ministry that the Martine case will be taken up as a conversation point in any meetings with British, Yemeni and American authorities.
    - British police state in the newspaper, the London Evening Standard, that they promise to never give up the hunt for the man who is charged with the murder of Martine Vik Magnussen.
  • January -10

    - Arne Corneliussen, newly appointed spokesman for Martine's family and work voluntarily with the case, travels to Yemen. The biggest Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten state that it will assist, "adding deliberate pressure on the players who are the suspect's family and those they influence within the Yemeni powerstructure."
    - A Norwegian businessman file a legal complaint in a Norwegian court on the father of Farouk Abdulhak allegedly having assisted Farouk to Yemen after the murder, and for damages the flatmates of Martine were faced with as a consequence of the murder.
    - The Arab TV channel Al Jazeera said to Norwegian media that they will cover the murder of Marine Vik Magnussen by making their own documentary on the case.
    - Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre meets Yemeni Energy Minister Awad Al Soqatri and Yemen's ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Abdullah Hussain Adalfie, in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. During the meeting, the murder of Martine were discussed. It is the first time Norwegian and Yemeni officials meet on the matter at ministerial level.
    - The minister tells Aftenposten.no that American authorities have also been engaged in the controversial case of the suspect Farouk Abdulhak as he has both American citizenship. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has met with the Yemeni Foreign Minister Abubakr Al Abdallah Qirby during an Afghanistan conference in London. According to the Minister Martine issue raised in the meeting. UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband adress the matter during the meeting in London. It is also claimed that there is contact between British and American governments.
    - Martine's father decides that a hearing on the Martine case on February 10 in London should be open. Journalist from The Observer visit Martine's father and friends in Oslo to write a larger article to be published in February.
  • February -10

    - The Martine case is constantly in the spotlight in British media. Official hearing in the UK. Senior Journalist Patrick Sawer in The Sunday Telegraph says to NA24 paper that his paper has a desire to keep this issue high on the agenda.
  • September -10

    - The Martine documentary awarded best documentary of the year.
  • April -11

    - Former prime minister of Norway, Kjell Magne Bondevik, and oil minister, Einar Stensnes, from the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights meet with suspect's father in Cairo. Much regrets, but no result.
  • June -11

    - Martine's father presents a proposal to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 'new international legislations' to fill the international legal vacuum that the Martine case addresses. Resolution ‘Transnational Fugitive Offenders ' built on Martine case ', presented to OSCE, and later signed by 58 countries.
  • January -12

    - Demonstrations to support justice for Martine held by Yemeni sympathizers in Yemen.
  • March -12

    - The Oslo Center in new meetings in Sana'a. Suspect representatives want answers to such issues as prison conditions and possible reduction in any sentence following a voluntary return by the suspect to the UK. Bust of Martine is awarded to Martine's family by the famous Norwegian artist, Magnar Kjeldsmo.
  • December -12

    - American and Norwegian representatives of the father meet twice at the Oslo Center in Norway. The Oslo Center claims, however, that legal matters must be handled by authorities in the UK only.
  • March -13

    - Suspect's father's legal representatives initiate two meetings with the authorities in the UK, and a further meeting is planned. This meeting never initiated, and the suspect’s father is considered ‘playing for time’ only. DCI Jessica Wadsworth talks about the status of the Martine case at the Skavland talk show.
  • April -13

    - Norwegian authorities comply with Martine's father's long-standing desire for an ‘coordinator’ at the MFA. MFA coordinator visit Sana, with no results. Two Yemeni families deny marriage with suspect.
  • August -13

    - The Martine Foundation takes part in planning a Docuvideo on principle aspect of the Martine case.
  • January -14

    - Martine's father given assurances by UK minister on full dedication to solve the case.
  • February -14

    - Martine's father meets with Norwegian minister of foreign affairs and Minister of Justice February 7, and will address the Martine case with contacts in the Middle East. Suspect marries in Yemen.
  • March -14

    - On the sixth year anniversiary of the Martine case, Scotland Yard issued an unprecedented Facebookb-appeal in Yemen directed towards the suspect and his new family to inform them about the legal status of the suspect as an internationally wanted person. Martine's father holds a press briefing on the status of the case creating substantial media coverage.
  • April – 14

    - Yemeni Parliamentary meetings parliament president and parliament 'Presidency as well as other parliamentarians in Oslo. The meeting took place at the invitation of Martine's father and the Yemeni human rights activist, Ahmen Aldiani. Re-Visit of Norwegian parliamentarians to Yemen planned. Norwegian web company offers to sponsor new Facebook campaign against Yemeni Arabic: facebook.com/JusticeForMartineVikMagnussen
  • May -14

    - Meeting between Odd Petter Magnussen, MP Åse Michaelsen and judge Hanne Sophie Greve in April fosters new input to be presented by the OSCE by the Norwegian Parliamentarian Justice Committee in June. The new fb-site in Arabic tuns out very effective.
  • June -14

    - Martine Foundation holds fundraising auction on the M / Y Grace in the Oslo Fjord. British filmmaker in meetings in Oslo for a new documentary on the Martine case. Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman visits Martine's family in their home at Nesøya.
  • July - 14

    - www.justiceformartine.com hacked, but will be relaunched in September.
  • August - 14

    The Martine-case's main Yemeni supporter, Mr. Aldiani Ahma, deported by the Norwegian authorities to Yemen despite pleas on minister level and attorney level both in the Martine case and the so-called Yemen case (concerning the alleged murder of a Yemeni fisherman after bullets fired from a Norwegian oil tanker off Yemen in 2011).

    Yemen has on two occasions, most recently in May 2014, forwarded dipolmatic notes to Norway and prompted investigations in the Yemen case. This is currently denied by the Norwegian authorities, but Martine’s father has addressed the issue with Norwegian authorities.

    The relationship between the Yemen case and Martine case was adressed by the Yemeni parliamentarian, Mr. Awad Alwazir, in meetings with the Parliament's Presidency of the Norwegian Parliament in April 2014 following invitation by Martine’s father . The rational addressed during the meeting was among other things the legal and diplomatical interrelationship between the Martine case and the Yemen case.
  • September - 14

    Website relaunched after having been hacked, and now with a new and more timely lay-out. The work was done and sponsored by the Norwegian company Venture Factory.
  • October - 14

    The Martin Foundation’s video 'Is this fair?' launched in Arabic and English with two Nobel Laureates commenting on the aspects of legal and universal values relative to the case.
  • November - 14

    The Norwegian company Venture Factory responsible for, and sponsored, distribution of the Arabic version of the video 'Is this fair?' to raise awareness in Arab countries.
  • December - 14

    A Norwegian artist and former friend of Martine, Thomas Seeberg, initiate a project for a record on the Martine case to be launched for the purpose of supporting the Martine Foundation for Justice.
  • January - 15

    Thomas Seeberg's first version of the record to the Martine Foundation finished.
  • February - 15

    Large interview in the Norwegian newspaper Budstikka with Martines mother and father, as well as Martines long term friends Henriette Marie Hansson and Henriette Martens, in connection with Martine’s birthday on Feb. 6.
  • March - 15

    Representatives of the British Foreign Office and Scotland Yard have meetings in Norway with Martine’s father, representatives of the British Embassy in Oslo and former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik. They also met with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    New campaign from British authorities with appeal and photo-shoots in Oslo launched on British authorities' web sites on the 7th anniversary of the Martine case.

    Martine’s father files a formal complaint with the police on negligence by 2 Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees.
  • April - 15

    Martines father asked by Yemeni contacts to try to initiate peace negotiations in Norway on the escalating Yemeni national crisis..
  • May - 15

    Pre-announcement of the new song and music video by Thomas Seeberg.

    The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires (mfa) supports UKs appeal on their official websites of the embassy in Riyadh.
  • June - 15

    Official launch and concert with well-known Norwegian artists in connection with Thomas Seeberg's launch of the song 'The Call' in memory of Martine.
  • February - 16

    The board of the Martine Foundation for Justice is changed. The new board is now comprised of the following:
    Chairman of the board, lawyer Cecilie Grue
    Media host Lise Askvik
    Solicitor Eli Folkestadaas
    Journalist Carolina Mendoza

    An all female board springs from the recognition that the majority of senior positions of power are still held by men globally. All, however, is not well in our conflict-filled world, and confusion over values is on the rise. The new board reflects the general need for different approaches to conflict- and problemsolving, where the focus on core values of benefit to the individual, the community and our democratic values are key.

    "Changing times require new methods, and the all-female board has started their work with the aim of getting Farouk Abdulhak extradited to the United Kingdom for a fair trial", according to chairman of the board Cecilie Grue. "As there has been little progress this far, despite this case being solvable, we will be pursuing new and untried methods as well as pursuing traditional methods to reach our goals. Our hopes of achieving progress have been renewed".

    In addition to extradition, the Martine Foundation for Justice will work on the more fundamental aspects of criminal cases where Norwegian authorities have been unable to contribute in a manner that leads to a solution. "New lines of thinking are necessary both in the Martine Foundation, and in parts of public administration, to provide assistance in difficult cases. Facilitating the peace process in Yemen is also a part of the foundation’s agenda", says Grue.
  • March - 16

    Martine Vik Magnussen was murdered in London 8 years ago on March 14th 2016.

    At the same date Scotland Yard/Met. police will yet again go public with an appeal for the suspect to return to the UK, and reconfirm the fact that the investigation in the Martine case is still ongoing with the same continued priority.

    To support the criminal case Oslo Capitals Rugby League and Blindern Rugby Union plays a 60 minute Touch Rugby game, and honour Martine with 1 minute silence and black ribbons.